On 3/21/06, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> At first I had a
> hard time grasping the philosify behind Photoshop's interface, but after
> taking a class where we learned PS, it all made sense.

 You took a class to understand PS interface and now you find it
better than GIMPs, for which, by the way, you haven't taken any class?

> I have a prejudice, which is that most of the GIMP developers has not taken
> time to understand the concept of the interface PS provides. If you don't
> take the time to understand that interface, it will feel unlogical (I had
> the same feeling) and it can easily be dismissed as 'badly designed'. Once
> you know it though, the workflow is absolutley brilliant.

 It would be nice if you took the time to understand the GIMPs
interface and _then_ make more comments about it.
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