> > They are not valid. If someone said she was a KDE developer on a
> > Mozilla list, would you think it right to ask why is she using Firefox
> > instead of helping out with Konqueror?
> If he wants to convert Firefox into Konqueror, I would ask this, yes.

But he doesn't! He said that the GIMP could have a PS compatibility
mode (not even for him, but for designer friends); and he was asked
why he didn't hack on Krita which is a different tool (but with
overlapping functionality).

> > How about "Hey Brendan, glad you use our program even if your primary
> > desktop is KDE; we would be glad to accept any patches you cared to
> > send our way, but our primary focus is not Photoshop emulation"?
> See, now this is something I'd read as ironic :)

This says a lot about the tone of the mailing list.

> If you like to read them like this, it's your opinion. But maybe you
> should lower your expectations in regard to politeness on a mailing list
> and assume that as long as someone isn't insulting others directly (by
> using words that clearly indicate that he is), he isn't trying to be
> impolite either?

I have been reading many different developer mailing lists for several
years now, and I've seen endless bickering, flaming, trolling,
baiting... but this aggressive attitude towards potential developers
and despise for users is unheard of. It is IMHO very unprofessional
and steers people away from the list and the program.

Don't get me wrong; I love the GIMP, it's a great piece of software. I
have even contributed a tiny patch to Peyronnet's great FFT filter:
For my needs GIMP is perfect; I would love if it could grow to fulfill
the needs of many different people, from complete novices to
32-bit-crazed professionals, and there is a lot of work to do. It is
not like you can afford turning away any helping hands. People are
usually proud of belonging to a helpful community, and are turned away
by impolite answers like this one.

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