Alex Fernandez wrote:

> It is not like you can afford turning away any helping hands. 

I think this gets us back on track.

> People are usually proud of belonging to a helpful community, 
> and are turned away by impolite answers like this one.

IMO is is still arguable whether Alexandre's questions were impolite. As
he states himself, he didn't intend them to be read this way, and
there's no indication that we shouldn't believe him (if anything is
impolite towards others, it's our current off-topic meta-discussion).

So, let's try some kind of summary (I'll try not to judge the points):

- GIMP is not aiming to be a copy of Photoshop
- people can suggest better solutions that fit other's needs
- direct questions are impolite
- impoliteness drives away potential GIMP users and developers

We've already established that the two of us disagree on the third
point, so it's probably pointless to discuss this further. I woin't mind
if you'd like to comment on this message, of course, but we could
declare EOT otherwise.


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