One pop-up from the list can be (in theory) made as a warning or replaced as a check-box in the save dialog - the query to flatten layers before saving to format like jpg.

Is it possible to show several dialogs (not modal) at once, closing one of which (final) - save or cancel - will close all others? Maybe it worth to foresee user's actions: if user has saved previous image say as jpg, maybe the next picture he saves will be jpeg too, at least at the same session. So the next save dialog can have all jpeg options "docked". If user chooses a name with jpg extension (or type), all actual (seen) jpeg settings are taken when clicking "Save". If user changes image type, additional dialog is shown as it is done now.

Sven Neumann wrote:
- Gimp's worst popups:
  * if i must save a .png over an existing one there is no less than 5
popups... with the most useless "warning .png can't export layers, are
you sure .?" The content of these 5 popups can fit in the first one,
or better, in the save file dialog.

We know this and we would like to see it improved. But so far noone
has come up with a decent proposal for an overhaul of the Save/Export

With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich
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