Dave Neary wrote:

> I have registered the GIMP as a mentoring organisation for the Summer of
> Code (I had been in contact with Google before the announcement), we
> should be up on the page over the next couple of days. 

Thanks Dave for taking the initiative.  Does this mean that you are
volunteering to be the "coordinator", as described in the SoC FAQ?

> Our next requirement is a list of project ideas for people to take on -
> these should be:
> - Suitable for an advanced student, for 10 weeks work (1/2 weeks
> planning, 4 weeks coding, 2/4 weeks refining, 1/2 weeks for report)
> - Have a mentor associated
> - Be on a publicly accessible web-page (the wiki will do)
> - Be interesting and useful (perhaps it goes without saying, but
> "document the API of library X" would not qualify)

We should settle on half-a-dozen well-defined project ideas, because
having too many choices leads to brain freeze,  and people who
want to work with GIMP but don't like any of the suggestions are
always free to come up with ideas of their own.  And it would be
nice to put them on a page on the developer web site as opposed to
the Wiki.

> The way I see these projects being integrated into CVS is: [. . .]

I think this timeline is unrealistic, and that it would be better
to aim for the results of the student projects being incorporated in
the 2.4 release.

Here are some suggestions I have heard that I like. without credit
to the people who first suggested them:

1) Color management.  Sven and others have made a start on this, but quite
a bit more needs to be done.

2) Resource management.  Currently resources such as brushes, gradients etc
are shown to the user in an unstructured way, which greatly limits the number
of items a user can deal with.  People love to make collections of things,
so this would greatly enhance the user experience.

3) System for saving presets for plug-ins.  Sven and Mitch have been clearing
the way for this, but there is good bit still to do to make it happen.

4) Vector layers and tools to manipulate them -- allowing adjustable
rectangle and ellipse shapes, lines with arrow, etc.

5) Create a manager widget that will allow all of GIMP's windows to be
contained in a single parent window, as requested hundreds of times by
Windows users.  (This would be optional, not forced on people who don't
want it.)

  -- Bill


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