"William Skaggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Here are some suggestions I have heard that I like. without credit
> to the people who first suggested them:
> 1) Color management.  Sven and others have made a start on this, but
> quite a bit more needs to be done.

Color management is supposed to be in the 2.4 release so it should be
finished before the SoC starts.

> 2) Resource management.  Currently resources such as brushes,
> gradients etc are shown to the user in an unstructured way, which
> greatly limits the number of items a user can deal with.  People
> love to make collections of things, so this would greatly enhance
> the user experience.

That sounds like a reasonable project to me.

> 3) System for saving presets for plug-ins.  Sven and Mitch have been
> clearing the way for this, but there is good bit still to do to make
> it happen.

We definitely want this to happen right after 2.4. I am not sure if it
makes sense to declare an absolut must-have as a SoC project. IMO We
should rather try to come up with some tasks that would be nice to
have but that we can easily live without.

> 4) Vector layers and tools to manipulate them -- allowing adjustable
> rectangle and ellipse shapes, lines with arrow, etc.

Fine with me.

> 5) Create a manager widget that will allow all of GIMP's windows to
> be contained in a single parent window, as requested hundreds of
> times by Windows users.  (This would be optional, not forced on
> people who don't want it.)

I don't think we will need this when we are done with the changes to
the window handling that have been started in CVS. It also doesn't fit
into the long-term plan. We could however try to make window handling
a SoC project but I am not sure how well suited that would be.

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