I have tried to like the new one. I honestly did. 
But there are some things that make life really hard when you have to work 
within certain contraints.
First of all the new one doesn't save it's options. That could be remedied but 
the amount of changes (I'm a C++ developer and really can't get my head 
around doing the way object orientation is done in the tool, the 
documentation for all the stuff that has to be done is lacking or isn't easy 
located - so I can't do it myself, I tried and failed) seem excessive as the 
gimprectangleoptions.c is the odd one out and uses a completely different way 
of storing it's properties to all the other tools -> Bug #346683.
If that were not bad enough, the usability is partially much worse than 
before. Let me explain: the old rectangle selection tool  didn't have the 
bells and wistles but it was more straight forward if you wanted to keep the 
aspect ratio to say 3:2 when cropping. You simply entered 3 into the 
x-dimension, 2 into the y dimension and ticked "fixed aspect". Now you have 
to enter 1.5 into the aspect ratio box and tick the check box next to it. But 
what if you want 3:2 aspect (for a vertical compositional crop)? Now you have 
to enter 0.6666 into the aspect ratio, and you already are suffering a loss 
of precision (it's off by a few pixels if your image is sufficiently large, 
because it's not 0.6666 it's 0.6666666). Even worse - calculator on standby - 
imagine you want to have 16:9 or 9:16 aspect ratio because you want to use 
the image in your own DVD production. The old style was simple (took a bit 
getting used to but was workable), the new style of setting the aspect ratio 
is a pain in the proverbial... -> Feature request/Usability Bug #346684.
Then try to select some rectangular areas because you might want to make them 
partially transparent or only sharpen the remainder of the area. Now the new 
form of selection with the last selected area still visible is getting 
annoying to say the least. I cannot tell how often I find myself cursing at 
the new rectangle selection when selecting multiple rectangle areas to join 
them into a larger compound area because the last area stays visible and 
sometimes - I can't really pinpoint when - keeps me from selecting the next 
area. If I could pinpoint the culprit operation then I would file a bug.
Then there are some usability issues with the way the last selected area is 
shown as stippled outline when you start resizing the area, there seems to be 
a random element to when the selection is supposed to be finished and what is 
supposed to be visualized -> Bug #347945.
My humble (well after this rant) request would be to resurrect the old 
rectangle selection tool and have the new one reworked so that the next 
milestone doesn't have to be postponed because of this (for me the first one 
is a true blocker, the other ones are very annoying to say the least).
Karl Günter Wünsch
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