Karl Günter Wünsch wrote:

> If code like this is unstable or "in development" it needs to be labeled 
> clearly as such and not simply toss out the old tried and tested. 

The whole 2.3 branch is unstable and in development...

> It could easily have been implemented alongside the old tool without loosing 
> much. 
> I am using (as in productive use) the development branch of GIMP because of 

... that's why it is called the development branch, after all.

> I need the current CVS for some of the functionality but at the same time 
> the new rect selection is close of driving me nuts.

And this is why you did file the bug reports. One of the things I can't
understand is why you do double your work by posting the same
information here twice (and in a way that is very hard to read, btw -
please use empty lines to split your messages into paragraphs).


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