On Wednesday 26 July 2006 19:52, Michael Schumacher wrote:
> Karl Günter Wünsch wrote:
> The whole 2.3 branch is unstable and in development...

I know, but wasn't the 2.3 branch to be a short lived one, leading quickly to 
a stable 2.4?

> And this is why you did file the bug reports. One of the things I can't
> understand is why you do double your work by posting the same
> information here twice (and in a way that is very hard to read, btw -
> please use empty lines to split your messages into paragraphs).

I thought a line break would be sufficient to trigger a paragraph, duly noted 
and will change my posts apropiately. 

As to why I posted the information twice:

There are two reasons, first of all I needed a safety vent for the problems 
these bugs cause me.

And then please have a look at the date I posted the first bugs in my first 
rant, it's three weeks ago. Besides the first one being classified quickly as 
confirmed, nobody really looked at them. In my experience (in our company 
there is a similar bug reporting system) this means that noone cares, or 
anyone who cares overlooked the reports.

With them being given more exposure through the mailing list I can at least 
now converse with people about what is to be expected of the tool and if my 
ideas are completely off the trolley - or if they have enough merit as to be 
classified as true bugs. If the latter is true (as it seems by the comments I 
now received on the bug reports) then I can at least continue to test the 
features and if I stumble across something that I classify as broken I can 
post another bug report. 

Of course I would rather fix these broken things myself (I am a seasoned 
software developer in both C and C++, earning my living as a developer) but 
there is no starting point in the documentation sources for the tool itself -  
so there is no way for me to get my hands dirty and change anything for the 
better - except for starting over with a similar but functioning tool as a 
starting point and trying to carry over as much functionality as possible. 
Karl Günter
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