On Wednesday 26 July 2006 19:21, Michael Natterer wrote:
> Instead of repeatedly ranting  "i want the old tool back" you should
> realize that you are using something that is explicitely labeled
> "unstable" and "in development". So be constructive, thus helping
> fixing these bugs, or use the stable 2.2 version.
I am constructive in reporting the bugs.
Fixing for me is impossible as the new rect selection tool is undocumented, 
the interface it uses is unlike any of the other tools from where I could 
take a hint or two on how to get started understanding it and on top of that 
there is the complete gibberish of code which implements the object 
If code like this is unstable or "in development" it needs to be labeled 
clearly as such and not simply toss out the old tried and tested. It could 
easily have been implemented alongside the old tool without loosing much. 
I am using (as in productive use) the development branch of GIMP because of 
certain recent developments I need as a photographer to get my pictures 
edited, but every time the rect selection tool is taking up more and more of 
my time because it is very important in my editing and isn't very well 
thought through. It's all bells and whistles (guide lines, resizing possible) 
but some of the base functionality the old one had has been broken badly. 
So my comment is basically one of desperation. I need the current CVS for some 
of the functionality but at the same time the new rect selection is close of 
driving me nuts.
Karl Günter
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