On Wednesday 26 July 2006 22:19, Karine Delvare wrote:
> The life of the 2.3 branch is as long as the life of the 2.2 branch. That's
> far from short.

Then I misinterpreted something there...

> Bill and myself are the two developers that spent the most time on these
> new tools. We have both been on holidays for the past 3 weeks. Don't come
> to conclusions so fast.

Sorry for that, since there wasn't anyone responding I assumed - wrongly - 
that there isn't anyone interested or that the reports were overlooked.

> Further, your bug reports are very nice, but I'm afraid you're being
> counter-productive with your mails. 

Those mails were the result of not even an acknowledgement on the bugzilla 
reports and having had a hard time when editing my images.

>> We are not working for you, and the 
> fact that you purposedly use a development version for your production work
> will not make us fix anything faster - quite the contrary, your mail
> subject lines tend to drive me away.

Sorry for that, but frustration is quickly gaining if there is no response at 
all. I now know why there wasn't any so I can keep my frustration in check 
quite easily. In fact I am using the development version for two reasons.
First reason is to get the benefit of a few of the new advanced features (the 
extract foreground tool is the most notable one, I tried the plugin for the 
2.2 branch but the results weren't that good and then I got the hint that the 
development version is much better - which is true). The second is to catch 
design flaws as soon as possible and deliver as good bug reports as possible 
as I want the GIMP to be as useable as possible. 

The problem was that the new rectangle selection on one hand looks quite nice 
and well thought through while on the other it's a big step backwards from 
what the GIMP had before if you use it in real life.

On paper (and screen) the aspect setting for example is technically correct 
but it's not practical in real life as aspect isn't that easily understood if 
you represent it as a single float. I made design errors like these often 
enough in my daytime job because technically correct doesn't always means 
logical to the end user.

> Maybe you should try to join the developers IRC channel to get started, now
> that we are both back. We wouldn't mind a helping hand on these tools.

I'll gladly help but IRC is a problematic media for me as I live in Germany, 
so the time differential might mean that I can only respond with 8-12 hours 
skew. Direct mail contact on a smaller scale is more efficient for me most of 
the time. 

If it's ok with you I'll resort to detailed bug reports (no rants promised :-) 
and testing (trying to keep my distance from the code as good as possible, if 
I dig in too deeply my testing might be influenced and I have the tendency to 
subconciously avoid problematic code when testing) and the odd small change 
if I find a bug easily.

Karl Günter
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