Thanks for the comments.  I have changed the code so that when
a user is modifying an existing rectangle, in Replace mode, the
marching ants for the previous selection are no longer shown --
this seemed to confuse almost everybody.

Concerning the options gui, it seems clear that improvements are
needed, particularly concerning the aspect ratio.  However there
is a need for more concrete suggestions about what it should look
like.  The way it was done for the old rect select tool is not
viable, in my opinion, but it does not allow for rectangles that
can be modified after they have been created.

Concerning the aspect ratio, it should be possible to come up
with a method that allows easy entry of integer ratios.  It
isn't clear that we will be able to come up with a menu of
"standard" ratios for 2.4.  If we could just use a fixed list,
it would be simple, but it seems that it would be necessary to
allow people to edit the list of possibilities, and that would
require enough machinery that it might not be feasible to add
it this late in the 2.4 cycle.

For your information, the following bug reports are active
concerning the new rectangle-based tools (each of these is
marked as a blocker for the 2.4 target):

Bug 316156 – selection tool: modifiers pressed before click should
             only do one thing.

Bug 345414 – Should select/crop tool options put controls in an

Bug 346683 – New "Rect select" tool doesn't restore settings

Bug 346684 – New "Rect select" tool setting of the aspect ratio
             is cumbersome

  -- Bill

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