On Thu, 2006-08-10 at 13:15 -0700, William Skaggs wrote:

> Concerning the aspect ratio, it should be possible to come up
> with a method that allows easy entry of integer ratios.  It
> isn't clear that we will be able to come up with a menu of 
> "standard" ratios for 2.4.  If we could just use a fixed list,
> it would be simple, but it seems that it would be necessary to
> allow people to edit the list of possibilities, and that would
> require enough machinery that it might not be feasible to add
> it this late in the 2.4 cycle.

I think it would be sufficient if people could enter a width and a
height in order to define the aspect ratio. That's how the old tool used
to work. Perhaps add portrait and landscape buttons to it, like we have
in the New Image dialog so that people can easily flip the aspect ratio.


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