This looks wonderful.
Some questions while I compile:

* How does it handle patterns? An example would be useful. This reminds me that I need to fix the Clone tool to allow setting the source offset for patterns.

* Does CTRL actually govern the 'set plane'/'clone' toggle or is that just a copy+pasted bit of text?

* Is keyboard control implemented? Can I press up/down to rotate the plane on the 'z' axis, or left/right to rotate it in the 'x' axis? (this idea is based on the UI of DeluxePaint, which had an extremely good UI including for this kind of thing.)
  This is probably one of the best ways of doing fine adjustments.

* Why is the 'hard edge' toggle (from the clone tool) missing? Usually hard edge is my preference.

* Being able to turn off interpolation is important to me. Is this currently possible?

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