First of all, I just want to say how kick ass I find this program to
be. Now that has been said, let's move on:

I am a developing concept artist
( and I use the computer with
a tablet as a painting tool.

To get onto the issue:

Currently, the blending is very flat, and does not work to paint with.
The behavior is that of default Photoshop with opacity mapped to the
pen pressure.

In Photoshop I have managed to get a smoother blending by combining
Opacity and Flow. Set opacity to 100%, and set it to pen pressure. Set
Flow to 10% (in the top menubar, not the jitter in brushes palette),
and to pen pressure. That gives a more mixed, uneven and gradual

In gimp I now noticed that the airbrush has more or less the same
effect as Flow. The airbrush used alone gives a very fuzzy color...But
if you could *combine* the airbrush and the more solid color with
opacity, you would get something in the middle, "the best of both
worlds" :-)

So if you could combine those two, like add an airbrush slider under
the opacity slider, it would rock.

What do you think?

If anyone would want to work on this I would be more than happy to
give a donation for the cause. I am going to donate some anyway, so it
would be fun to give the donation for this specific task. Some 80 USD
is what I can spare at the moment, and more for any other features I
find would get more painters/illustrators to use the gimp. is *the* community for concept artists and
also illustrators. Here is a thread with a discussion about Gimp and

Although they don't specifically discuss the blending in gimp, you now
know there is an interest in this field of craftsmanship to use the
gimp beyond the person writing this email :-)

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