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On Fri, 2006-11-17 at 12:26 +0100, Nils Nordén wrote:

> I looked up some stuff to really understand what flow does, and
> according to http://www.mambo.net/as/view/159 it seems to be
> time-based on how rapidly the paint will "flow" out of the cursor.
> Now, what I discovered is that the Airbrush tool in Gimp actually has
> something like this, it's called "Rate".
> >From the manual: "The Rate slider adjusts the speed of color
> application that the airbrush paints. A higher setting will produce
> darker brush strokes in a shorter amount of time."
> So this feature is already implemented....now all it needs is some tweaking.

I very much doubt that any of the active developers have the time and
motivation to do such tweaking. So perhaps you should give it a try
yourself. If you need help with the source code, feel free to ask.


Ok! I think lowering the effects of "Rate" could be the solution...so
that shouldn't be too hard for me to test on my own. Now I know what
to dig into.. good. This is gonna be fun. I'm sure I'll need some help
later on. Thanks!

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