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On 11/17/06, Nils Nordén <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> So this feature is already implemented....now all it needs is some
> Here I have illustrated some tests with the advantage of flow in
> photoshop, and compared it to the behavior of the gimp airbrush. At
> the bottom you can also see the difference in behavior between the
> gimp airbrush rate, and photoshop flow.
> http://www.turtleart.net/stuff/flow.jpg

Your image is unfortunately likely to be misleading. I have the strong
suspicion that Photoshop is set up to also modulate opacity according to
tablet pressure (unless you've done that image with a mouse, which seems
I suggest you check any opacity-related settings and remake the image.

The Photoshop settings I used for opacity were 100%, and Brushes
Palette > Other Dynamics > Opacity control: pen pressure

Gimp settings were Opacity: 100,0 and Pressure sensitivity: Opacity [check]

So, there should be no differences there between the opacity settings
in both apps.

What is it you find fishy? I used a wacom tablet btw.
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