On Wed, Jan 17, 2007 at 10:30:32PM -0200, Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris wrote:
> I have the followwing proposal:
> what if one had a set of pre-loaded selections, and could switch back 
> and forth among then with a single keystroke - Do you (and others) 
> think it could  be as usefull/more usefull/just the same as these 
> proposed drawing zones? 

Useful, yes. Just the same no. You need to explicitly switch and 
keep track of the order of selections to navigate efficiently.

> Ok, you can imagine that what it brings of convenience for some it 
> brings of complication to certain user groups.

Well, I think drawing zones could have a tab like layers and co, 
so the feature could stay completely hidden if someone wishes so.

> The idea I propose, instead, would use already existing objects, like 
> this: one would store his drawing zones as a set of selections, each 
> in a separate image channel, and a simple script, with no imput 
> parameters, would replace the current selection with a selection in 
> the channel stack.
> Todo this manually, one would have to:
> 1) select the channel tab in the layers/channels dock
> 2) select the apropriate channel
> 3) click on "channel to selection"
> 4) change back to the layers tab on the dock
> 5) select the actyual layer where one is drawing back
> 6) start painting.
> Looking at this, it si a lot of work, and the drawing zones seems a 
> better idea.
> However, a script fu can perform steps 1-5 with a single keystroke (if 
> one will select the next/same/previous channel on the stack that has 
> been previusly used). so it becomes:
> 1) hit key that changes teh selection until the desired selection is 
> set
> 2) start painting
> Which seems as practical as the drawing zones proposal.
> There is a final advantage in this proposal: it is ready for serving 
> _now_,a s writing such a script would take less than 30min.
> What do you say?

It's just not the same, but cool nonetheless and I'm glad
my proposal has led to thinking and experimentation and 
propably useful scripts :)

Thorsten Wilms

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