On 1/28/07, Sven Neumann wrote:
> You can still grab the whole screen if you need to take a screenshot
> with a popup menu.

 That was the last thing that crossed my mind. I even made the change
in the source before I thought of that. It's really awkward to have to
grab the whole screen when you just need a window or a region of the
screen. It isn't something I could easily think of.

> After all the popup menu is a different window
> anyway. So it seems strange to use the "Single Window" option for this.

  From the perspective of a user a window contains its popup menus. In
my case, because I just wanted the popup menu I used the "select a
region" option.

> And it also won't work correctly if your popup menu extended the window
> it is popping up from.

 "Select a region" would work in that case and the result of a single
window grab would give the necessary hint as to what option one should
use. Compare that to the "Error grabbing pointer" I got when trying to
get the screenshot with current gimp.

  My idea of what the screenshot plugin use should be, is that you
first get the screen in the state you want to grab it and then use the
plugin to make the grab, selecting a delay if there are "dynamic"
stuff you need to do before grabbing (like popping up a menu).
 The only use of "delay before selecting" I have heard so far is to
change desktops before grabbing, but for me the "logical" thing to do
in that case would be to move the screenshot plugin to the desktop I
wanted and take the screenshot then. Is there any other use of "delay
before selecting"? Why should we keep it? Even if you don't like my
proposal, I think it would be better if you removed the delay
functionality completely.
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