Sven Neumann writes:
> I don't think the plug-in will be removed but I would like not to
> clutter the user interface again. The current UI seems to be more
> appealing and usable than what we used to have.

Okay, it sounds like the developers aren't willing to put back the
delay functionality that was removed from the screenshot plug-in.

So for those of us who need the delay and don't want to go back to
2.2, I've grabbed the old 2.2 screenshot plug-in, updated it so it
works with 2.3, fixed a couple of warnings it was giving (gchar
vs.  guchar), and made it build as a standalone plug-in (with
gimptool --install).  You can get it at:

I gave it the lame name "Super Screen Shot" so it wouldn't conflict
with the existing screenshot plug-in (for one thing, it doesn't do
the nice "grab a region of the screen" function that the 2.3 plug-in
does, though I may add that at some point).

One caveat: On Ubuntu Edgy, I find that neither sscreenshot nor
the old 2.2 screenshot actually grab menus any more.  Something has
changed in the Xorg setup, or maybe gtk stopped doing saveunders,
or something? and I just get garbage where the menu should be.
I haven't yet had a chance to look into exactly what's different,
but in the mean time, delayed screenshots should work on any distro
where 2.2 worked.

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