On Mon, 2007-01-29 at 22:21 -0800, Akkana Peck wrote:

> Okay, it sounds like the developers aren't willing to put back the
> delay functionality that was removed from the screenshot plug-in.
> So for those of us who need the delay and don't want to go back to
> 2.2, I've grabbed the old 2.2 screenshot plug-in, updated it so it
> works with 2.3, fixed a couple of warnings it was giving (gchar
> vs.  guchar), and made it build as a standalone plug-in (with
> gimptool --install).

Why don't you just copy the screenshot binary from the 2.2 installation
to your gimp-2.3 installation?

Also your approach is very lame indeed. This discussion wasn't even
close to coming to an end. It would have been a lot nicer to propose a
solution instead of wasting time like this. So far no one has even tried
to propose a user interface that fits all needs.


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