On 1/28/07, Steve Stavropoulos <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  The only use of "delay before selecting" I have heard so far is to
> change desktops before grabbing, but for me the "logical" thing to do
> in that case would be to move the screenshot plugin to the desktop I
> wanted and take the screenshot then. Is there any other use of "delay
> before selecting"? Why should we keep it? Even if you don't like my
> proposal, I think it would be better if you removed the delay
> functionality completely.

Delay before selecting gives you more control over precisely what is
captured, since it happens at the moment you click, where the state of
the window might change in some cases when using delay after

Also, what if the window in question cannot be put into the proper
state until after the delay starts?  A full screen app/game that
cannot be (de)focused, for instance.  I have, on rare occasions,
encountered this need, where I have to apply a delay before selecting
and use that delay to actually start the program to be the target of
the screenshot.
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