On 1/30/07, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-01-30 at 02:26 -0600, Clarence Risher wrote:
> > On 1/30/07, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > to propose a user interface that fits all needs.
> >
> > imho, the 2.2 interface met all needs.  i have yet to hear any reason
> > for eliminating either option, other than removing ONE element from
> > the screenshot GUI.
> We have had several reports about this UI being confusing. Users filed
> bug reports claiming that the plug-in wouldn't do the right thing.
> Obviously they did not understand the user interface. And that is not
> surprising because it is quite irritating. Just try the user interface
> on your grandmother.
> Now someone please show some creativity. Asking for the changes to be
> reverted is a punch in the face of the people that have put their free
> time into improving the usability of this plug-in.

Well then, as crude as it may sound, consider this an intentional
punch in the face, as much so as those people punched Ms Peck (great
book, btw) in the face by making her waste time un-crippling the
plugin.  As soon as someone integrates the region feature into the 2.2
plugin, I will be running that.  As has been mentioned in so many
other threads time and again, you can't hold GIMP out as a viable
replacement for Photoshop AND make it grandmother-friendly.  The 2.2
interface was fine.  Maybe it needs better tooltips and labels for
some people.  Hide one of the delays in an 'advanced options' panel if
you must.  But do not remove functionality just to make grandma happy.
 Removing functionality is never the answer.  Removing functionality
is the question.  The answer is NO.
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