Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 15:13:45 +0300
   From: "Alexandre Prokoudine" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

   On 1/30/07, Robert L Krawitz wrote:

   > For my part, I've been awfully tempted to port the GTK 1.2 file load
   > and save dialogs forward to GTK 2.x.  I suspect that my limited time
   > is better spent on Gutenprint and perhaps KPhotoAlbum, but those
   > dialogs are simply very painful to use.

   With gtk 2.10.x I see no point either porting gtk 1.2 dialog or even
   discussing it :))

Could you at least put file modification time (not just date) and size
in the information?

Then there's also the problem of the save dialog not showing what
directory it's saving into (the folder name isn't very helpful if I
have multiple directories with the same name).  The path bar on the
open dialog is quite useful and would be just as useful on the save

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