From: Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 09:35:17 +0100

   On Tue, 2007-01-30 at 02:26 -0600, Clarence Risher wrote:
   > On 1/30/07, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
   > > to propose a user interface that fits all needs.
   > imho, the 2.2 interface met all needs.  i have yet to hear any
   > reason for eliminating either option, other than removing ONE
   > element from the screenshot GUI.

   We have had several reports about this UI being confusing. Users
   filed bug reports claiming that the plug-in wouldn't do the right
   thing.  Obviously they did not understand the user interface. And
   that is not surprising because it is quite irritating. Just try the
   user interface on your grandmother.

   Now someone please show some creativity. Asking for the changes to
   be reverted is a punch in the face of the people that have put
   their free time into improving the usability of this plug-in.

If those people choose to take it that way.  Another way to interpret
it is that the experiment was tried, but failed.

IMHO the criterion that all functionality should be easy and obvious
for a naive user is misplaced, particularly when it's taken to the
extreme of "we shouldn't have any functionality that isn't easy and
obvious for a naive user".  There are a lot of interesting things that
aren't easy or obvious to people who don't have the context, and
sometimes that context is by its nature quite extensive.  To say that
we shouldn't do these things because innocent users might stumble
across them and get confused is to permanently doom ourselves to
having very limited functionality.  I'm well aware that I tend toward
the opposite extreme, but even with Gutenprint I have people asking
for more tunables because they have no other way of doing what they
want (these are OS X users -- largely professional photographers, I
think -- who want very fine grained control over the ink generation).

I understand that no project has time to implement every single
feature demanded by every single user, and that feature bloat carries
maintenance costs.  That argument doesn't apply to this situation --
this isn't a newly-added feature; it was a conscious decision to
remove something (in a plugin, not in the core application) that was
already there and working.  If the interface is confusing, then maybe
it's a reason to improve it; maybe something as simple as improving
the help message would serve the purpose.

The two options really serve two entirely different purposes; it may
inherently be impossible to combine them into one that works for

For my part, I've been awfully tempted to port the GTK 1.2 file load
and save dialogs forward to GTK 2.x.  I suspect that my limited time
is better spent on Gutenprint and perhaps KPhotoAlbum, but those
dialogs are simply very painful to use.

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