On Wed, 2007-01-31 at 11:02 -0800, Akkana Peck wrote:

> > In 'snap window' mode the shot shall be taken:
> > 
> > a) on the first mouse-down after the timer (can be zero) has expired;
> > b) immediately, when a non-zero timer expires AND a mouse-button
> >     (left, right [pop-up menu], even middle?) is being held down.
> That takes care of menus, but there transient effects which don't
> involve a mouse button down. For gimp, examples include the cursor
> outline of a brush, or the line you get pressing shift in a drawing
> tool.

You can take a screenshot of the brush outline and even the
straight-line preview just fine with the screenshot plug-in from 2.3.x.

With the changes that I've done in SVN, you can screenshot pretty much
everything. Sure, there will always be a few corner cases left
unhandled. But these corner cases are just that, corner cases. As long
as the user can somehow solve them, as long as the desired result can be
obtained, perhaps with a little more effort, that should be fine.

Would still be nice if someone could find a way to ask X for the
application window that a popup window belongs to. I haven't found a way
to do that and the longer I stare at the XLib manuals, the more I start
to believe that there is no clean way to do that.


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