On 1/31/07, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tue, 2007-01-30 at 19:09 -0600, Clarence Risher wrote:
> > Sven's argument is true, but does not address my point.  In every case
> > like this the process will be more complex than just shot-clip-done.
> > In cases of non-rectangular areas the clipping will be quite annoying.
> >  And in the rare case of alpha transparency it would be impossible to
> > "erase" the parts of the desktop or other windows behind the window
> > you are trying to capture.
> The point is that you are bringing up a completely new topic here. There
> is currently no support whatsoever for shaped windows or windows with an
> alpha channel. As long as no one adds such support (which would be
> extremely complicated to get right on all systems), there is no point in
> arguing about it.

Perhaps there is no intentional support, but I guarantee you that gimp
(as of 2.2, and i expect still in 2.3) takes screenshots of
non-rectangular windows just fine.  The result is a black rectangle
containing the visible shape of the window.  For a completely silly
example, consider a screenshot of xeyes.  Think about how bothersome
it would be to manually crop out the window behind the eyes (which are
oval) if you had to make do with a desktop screenshot and a crop tool.
 A less silly example is any window decoration theme with rounded
corners, or bits that extrude off the edges.

Also, my silly xeyes idea brings up a point on the primary topic as
well...  I need a delay before selecting the xeyes window to get to
the proper desktop, or bring it to the front, and a delay after
selecting it because I dont want it to look crosseyed (for anyone who
doesnt know, xeyes is two animated eyeballs that stare at the mouse
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