On Wed, 2007-01-31 at 04:44 -0600, Clarence Risher wrote:

> Perhaps there is no intentional support, but I guarantee you that gimp
> (as of 2.2, and i expect still in 2.3) takes screenshots of
> non-rectangular windows just fine.  The result is a black rectangle
> containing the visible shape of the window.

See. I told you that shaped windows are in fact rectangular. All windows
on the X window system are, by definition. The screenshot plug-in just
takes a screenshot of that window and since it doesn't support asking it
for the shape bitmap or the alpha channel, the result is rectangular and
doesn't have any transparency.

> Also, my silly xeyes idea brings up a point on the primary topic as
> well...  I need a delay before selecting the xeyes window to get to
> the proper desktop, or bring it to the front, and a delay after
> selecting it because I dont want it to look crosseyed (for anyone who
> doesnt know, xeyes is two animated eyeballs that stare at the mouse
> cursor).

Your window system comes with a tool called xwd. If you are a fan of
xeyes, you will also like xwd. It was written about around the same


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