On Tuesday, February 6, 2007, 20:03:59, peter sikking wrote:

> - that in-dialog cropping looks like a very uncomfortable way
>    to do that to me;
> - simply display the Size in the fields that are now called
>    Resize now without the open/close triangle, and remove the
>    other size display;

I actually find resize/crop controls redundant in the Save for Web dialog -
I usually prepare the image beforehand while keeping it in a native
(lossless) format, then just expect to use Save for Web to export the image
for upload to a website without touching the original.

Instead, I'd want to see the colour subsampling setting in the export plugin
- some images just can't be made good looking with 2x2 colour subsampling.

> - why can't the plug-in figure out which combination of
>    Optimise/Progressive/Baseline will produce the smallest
>    file size, and let me select that as Smallest?

Except for Optimize, these settings aren't directly related to file size
(although using Progressive encoding usually does lower the image size a

Progressive just changes the way image is stored, and how browser displays
it over a slow link. However, with Internet Explorer browser, progressively
encoded images load exactly the opposite way you'd expect - nothing will be
displayed until whole image is downloaded, then the image appears all at

Baseline makes the JPEG file more compatible while sacrificing
quality/increasing file size.

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