Aurimas Juška writes:
> The idea is based one of bug list's enhancment request which asks to
> save image for Internet, ie user wants image to be as small as
> possible (for example to send with mail or put to forum) and some
> parts could be cropped and picture could be resized until wanted file
> size is reached.

I'd love to see this integrated into the crop tool somehow, rather
than hidden off in a "save for web" plug-in. When I crop to a fixed
size it's usually not for the web -- I more likely want a desktop
background image, or a slide background, or a print.

Crop's Aspect Ratio got a lot easier to manage in 2.3 as opposed to 2.2.
So "crop to a fixed aspect ratio, then rescale" is much easier now --
presuming you understand aspect ratio and don't mind typing two
colon- separated numbers.  (Though I haven't figured out the "<->"
and "Set" buttons, which have no tooltips and don't seem to do
anything, or why you'd want a 1:1 preset button but not presets
for 4:3 or 4:6 or "Keep image's aspect ratio").

But I can certainly understand why so many users want Crop+Scale
all in one step. It's a very common operation, and it would be a
shame to offer it, then cripple it by putting it in a plug-in where
the crop has to happen in a small preview area.

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