Alexander Rabtchevich wrote:
> Many 3-rd side script-fu scripts, working in 2.3.12, refused to work in 
> 2.3.14 on Windows. One of them even kills Gimp at program start.

If you have a script that crashes GIMP, you should post it somewhere so it can
be examined. No script should be able to kill GIMP. Scripts can crash plug-ins 
since some plug-ins don't check the passed parameters properly but that is a 
different issue.

> Where can I read what has changed in script-fu specifications to adapt 
> scripts? Or has the API changed?

I have some notes on my web page in the information about Tiny-Fu but I
haven't gotten around to turning the information in to any formal
documentation about the differences.

PS. I would have replied sooner but it seems I haven't been checking my
gimp-devel mail folder very closely over the last couple of weeks.


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