I've managed to make my old script working. The problem I got was a 
misunderstanding of scheme syntaxes as it wasn't expressively shown.
I saw examples like

(let ((x 1)
       (y 2)
       (z 3))
   (list x y z))


So I thought the first parenthesis after let had intension to enclose 
_several_ assignments in one let operator. All the samples there had the 
structure with more than one assignment, so I tried:

(let (x 1)

and it didn't work. After some thoughts I understood that one pare of 
parenthesis is used all the time to enclose the assignment part of the 
let operator regardless to the number of assignments.

So, maybe it is too lame, but If I saw in the transition guide something 
like this:

(let ((x 1))
        (set! x (+ x 4))


(let ((x 1)
       (y 2))
        (set! x (+ x y))

it would save me a lot of time.
With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich
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