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> Work on GEGL
>   Needs a more detailed spec, perhaps even a list of proposed projects.

This is a list showing a todo/roadmap for GEGL in its current state,
some of it depends on having a more stable operations API, which is
going to be one of
my priorities going forward.

The following three bullet points are things I am thinking about and hope to
have done significant work on before the summer starts:

 - Caching of intermediate results in the graph
 - Locking of threaded rendering
 - Stabilized operations plug-in API (depends on the two others, as
well as general
   code cleanup).

The rest are other notable TODO items of interest:

  - GeglBuffers that operate over the network.
 - Network distributed rendering.
  - Prototype GEGL backend (operations) that uses GPU instead of CPU for
 - Capabilities to do frequency domain processing.
  - Bayer demosaicing operations.
  - GEGL based Paint core and related operations (brushes, strokes) a
   paint core was done for a tentative GEGL port of horizon
   (http://pippin.gimp.org/horizon/) before LGM in 2006.

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