Alexandre wrote:

> On 3/6/07, peter sikking wrote:
>>> On-canvas text editing
>>>   Nice, but pretty much depends on the port of the display code to
>>>   Cairo. Perhaps concentrate more on rich text support instead of
>>>   focusing on the on-canvas editing?
>> I am not sure on canvas-editing is that desirable
> I would kindly suggest you to install some old version of Inkscape
> where text selectiion could be done via dialog only and
> rotating/kerning single glyphs wasn't possible at all :)

well, I put that observation immediately in question in the
next sentence,that you did not quote. Of course I would not
think of doing typography in a separate dialog...

>> it clashes with the toolbox shortcuts.
> That is a different thing. In my opinion shortcuts need revisiting.

now there is a thought-provoking idea, want to discuss it?
(off-list if this is a repeatedly-flogged dead horse on this list)


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