On 3/9/07, Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  * Categories for brushes, fonts, gradients and palettes
>   If one adds too many fonts or brushes to GIMP, they quickly become
> un-manageable through the existing UI. Implementing a way of
> organizing these resources in sub-categories, in a way that one
> resource could be present in more than one category (like thrugh the
> use of tags) in a nice UI could overcome these limitations;

I think that's a very nice idea. In addition to this, a way of
organizing resources (brushes, gradients, etc) in collections could be
introduced. They could be stored in a single file, so that user could
easily share, install or remove many resources in a single step. Using
only categories would not solve these problems, especially when number
of resources is large. Of course, resources could be organized into
sub-categeries inside collections too. And users could have any number
of collections installed.

Implementing resource management system during SoC 2007 seems
interesting to me. Would it be possible to make such a system work on
existing GIMP code (I mean, if such system is implemented, how much of
existing code would have to be changed to work with it)?

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