Akkana Peck wrote:
> Maybe that's the intent -- to set up a gauntlet that weeds out any
> potential participants who might be lazy or thin skinned. If so, no
> problem. But if you actually want lots of new participants, then how
> other people perceive the project matters.
I don't think more automatically equates to better. It's important to 
laziness. I'm happy enough if this discourages the lazy. One of the things that 
attracts me to this project is the level of attention to detail and enthusiasm 
from its contributors.

> Is there a FAQ URL? There's nothing linked from the top level of
> gimp.org.
The developer faq is at http://developer.gimp.org/faq.html , linked from the 

> And the FAQ doesn't have anything on the language(s) used to write
If I write the answer, it'll be "why don't you download the sources and check 
for yourself?" :) Seriously, that's the best answer one can give. A contributor 
will need to do this anyway, the curious should be encouraged and for anyone 
else, the answer is irrelevant.

> Except I'm hesitant to run off and register for the wiki so that
> I can add it, given that it's not linked from the main GIMP site,
> no one refers to it and the page itself discourages anyone from
> using it.
Then the situation is unlikely to be improved.

The out-of-date disclaimer should probably be left up until at least one of the 
veterans reviews the Q/As. The majority of the FAQ is up-to-date, though.

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