Sven Neumann wrote:

> On Fri, 2007-05-25 at 19:03 +0200, peter sikking wrote:
>>> BTW, the dialogs that you consider to be "unnecessary" can  
>>> already be
>>> skipped using the Shift key.
>> Then the perfect solution is that we reverse the logic of that
>> shift key. Only with the shift key down the dialog is shown.
>> Our users will be eternally grateful...
> Oh come on, you are really making things simpler than they are.

that is because from the perspective of my profession and after
the systematic effort put into evaluating this, it is really clear
that doing this benefits GIMP.

> Either a
> dialog is really redundant, then it should be removed. Or a dialog is
> useful and even necessary for certain important tasks.

I found 'reversing the shift key' a beautiful solution because the
dialog already exists and GIMP is full (rightly so) of these power

It fits the interaction principle that straight ahead user concepts
(new layer) have a straight ahead UI.

> Then we can not
> only make it available by pressing some obscure modifier key. It would
> be more or less undiscoverable and we had effectively removed an
> important feature.

The choice it to make either the dialog or 'no dialog' a tricky power
feature. I choose, without a doubt, the former.

> We will have to stay with the current solution until we have found  
> other
> ways to provide the functionality.
>> But if like with the layers dialog, I see zero function 99% of the  
>> time
> The dialog saves you the extra step of filling the layer. In my  
> opinion
> it is very useful and speeds up the workflow. After all the user just
> needs to press the Enter key to acknowledge the last used settings.

When I look fundamentally at what layers are, the optional character  
of all functionality (name, size, fill) offered by the dialog,  
combining that
to realise the percentage of times that each will be useful and the
alternatives to reach the same goal, take into account that this is
part of user request #5, then dealing with this dialog dozens of times
a day is a burden on GIMP's user experience.

All I ask for is to give it a chance. GIMP has what adobe has not,
a community. They want to participate by using developer versions
in real life situations. I say let them help.

Try this in an early development version (like 2.5.2) and wait for
the learning effect (you changed it!) to go away. Then after a while

If it then turns out to be the wrong idea, I'll be the first one
to admit it.


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