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>> Look at this for example:
>> > So:
>> >
>> > 1) Is the EXIF source in the all the 3 cameras (of 3 different
>> > brands) broken?
>> > 2) Why all the other graphic programs that I use (showfoto,
>> > gqview, gthumb, exiftool) always showed the EXIF data with no
>> > problem, and still show?
>> > 3) Why the "Save EXIF data" option in the "Save as..." dialog is
>> > no longer present?
>> > 4) Why GIMP deletes the EXIF data now?
>> > 5) If broken, why previous versions of GIMP preserve the EXIF data?
>> >      GIMP 2.3.16 2.3.17 and 2.2.14 still work perfectly for me
>> >      (in this respect; I had to stop using 2.3.17 because it crashed
>> >      consistently, probably because of its known bug).
>> Is this tone in any way helpful? The only thing you can achieve by
>> putting it this way is to demotivate the developer working on this.
> Sorry, but I see no aggression in the above quote.
> I just tried to point to Mukund that this had nothing to do with
> broken EXIF, giving several arguments for that. To be precise.
> BTW, it is interesting to notice that you cut the paragraph
> that was right before the one you quoted, where I wrote:
> : Please excuse me, Mukund, but I will be very surprised
> : if this has something to do with broken EXIF data.
> Do you also think that an argument that begins with "Please excuse
> me..." is aggressive? Probably not, but for some reason you cut that
> sentence and took the next out of context.
> And still, it is not aggressive.
> My apologies to Mukund if he felt that.

As I have just pointed out in another thread I think it would be helpful  
to avoid sort of noise if contributers were not so touchy and frequently  
get rather irrate for no reason.

Sure everyone puts their time in for free, including those who take the  
time to report bugs and make suggestions.

Sometimes reports may communicate an aire of frustration. Though I really  
dont think that was the intention here. Often if a bug or interface defect  
is minor no-one bothers reporting. Only when it becomes a major pain and  
time waster may it get reported.

But dont expect to be molly coddled either. If someone takes the time to  
report it's because they think Gimp is a good tool, that is worth having  
and wish to contribute to it being better. That in itself is a complement  
to the work that has already been done.

Please dont expect a preamble of "thank you everso much for your free work  
on this great project , you are really clever by the way, but I have one  
little issue I'd like to bring up if I may".

It would greatly accelerate development and reduce noise if we could be a  
bit more down to Earth and in some cases a bit more humble. We all know  
emails and posts are a clumbsy for of communication, so let's all try to  
take things with a pinch of salt and concentrate on improving Gimp.

Now I have a lanczos filter to debug, so good day to all. En avant!

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