On Sat, 2007-06-23 at 20:40 -0300, Luis A. Florit wrote:

> Bug GIMP is the only application, graphic or not, that showed this
> problem, in several years of daily use. The mouse works on every other
> application perfectly, and always did.

Did you actually try it with another GTK+ application that has support
for XInput devices? It is not surprising that applications that don't
enable input devices are not affected.

>  And through 3 fresh and
> complete OS upgrades (Fedora 4,5 and 6) the mouse is still broken in
> GIMP canvas. Gimp worked fine in Fedora 3 and below.

For a long time, nothing has changed in GIMP with respect to XInput
devices. So the fact that an upgrade introduced this problem seems to be
a strong indication that the problem is elsewhere. Perhaps in the X
server or, more likely, in the wacom driver. Of course there might also
be something that GIMP does wrong. But the vast majority of GIMP users
with a tablet doesn't seem to be affected by this problem.

As I said already, someone who is affected by this problem will have to
track it down. It is not reproducible for me and, as it seems, for no
other GIMP developer.


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