On Wed, 2007-08-01 at 14:25 +1200, Robert Carter wrote:
> [...]
>  I would want to modify:
> = Menu layout
> = Keyboard short cuts ( including backspace, tab and space which are  
> standard PS shortcuts )
> And also possibly (less important)
> = GTK behaviours of the panels (photoshop has several tools on the  
> same button)
> = Fullscreen behaviour (panels remain visible, windowed / grey  
> ground / black ground - toggling)

Sometimes it's actually better to have a tool that's very different
than one that's almost identical.  When I started using the GNOME
mail program, evolution, I sent out a lot of messages before I had
finished editing them, by mistake, and eventually realised that the
keystroke for "send immidiately without asking for confirmation" in
evolution was the same as "go back to the top of the message to review
your draft" in Sun mailtool that I had used years earlier.  The programs
were similar enough I was trying to do things without even realising it
that were different.

There was (or is) a fork of GIMP called gimpshop that tried/tries to be
more like PhotoShop, but it still won't have adjustment layers, and it
will still be better at rotating than photoshop :-) (I love the "revese
grid" mode).

So I'd urge you to start by writing up more carefully what changes
you think would be most helpful and why, and why they would either
benefit non-PhotoShop users or at least not have a negative impact
on existing GIMP users.


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