On Wed, 2007-08-01 at 14:25 +1200, Robert Carter wrote:

> And also possibly (less important)
> = GTK behaviours of the panels (photoshop has several tools on the  
> same button)
> = Fullscreen behaviour (panels remain visible, windowed / grey  
> ground / black ground - toggling)
> My main question is: How to do this in a way that will work in  
> harmony with the current customisation options, so people can switch  
> to standard gimp UI if they wish.

Why would you want to do it this way? Just work with us to improve the
standard UI. That means a better user experience for all users and much
less hassle and maintainance work than making such things optional.

We will not work towards making GIMP more like Photoshop but that
doesn't mean that we aren't willing to make drastic changes to the user
interface. Perhaps you should discuss your ideas with the team working
on the redesign of the GIMP user interface (http://gui.gimp.org). We
will appreciate your help when it comes to implementing these changes.


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