On 8/1/07, Robert Carter wrote:

> I don't seek to change the gimp's default key bindings and menu but
> to offer an alternative that may be activated if wanted. Do you think
> this can be realistically integrated with the gimp's present
> architecture?

To the best of my knowledge, it's already possible. GIMP is shipped
with an old keyboard shortcuts scheme for PS6 (not updated for 2+
years). The file is called ps-menurc and, theoretically, after an
update could be used as ~/.gimp-2.3/menurc

> Documentation is important of course. Should I post here, or to the
> wiki: http://wiki.gimp.org/gimp/

I maintain a wiki page in Russian [1] for those coming with Photoshop
background. It covers topics as

- support for features of PSD (open/save), as of most recent
development version of GIMP;
- using various PS resources (actions, brushes etc.);
- using PS plug-ins;
- correspondence of tools (e.g. both Clone Stamp and Pattern Stamp can
be substituted with just one Clone tool in GIMP using some options);
- how different PS functions are implemented in GIMP (e.g. backward
rotation mode instead of measuring).

Is anyone interested in EN version of the document?


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