I'm new to the list but i've done a bit of reading on the archives to  
survey the opinions and suggestions about user interfaces for gimp.

I am a photoshop user from way back. I'm also a Mac user who want's  
to switch to Linux. It seems Gimp is the only credible photoshop  
replacement in the linux world - correct me if i'm wrong. I want to  
have a gimp that works just like photoshop - and i'm prepared to do  
the work to make this an option in addition to what we have already.

I'm not afraid of C code, and the reading i've done has given me an  
idea of what is required to customise the menus and keyboard  
shortcuts to make things feel comfy for PS people like me. I'm not  
interested in forking Gimp as this usually causes problems down the  
line as the application develops.

What is the best way for me to make a contribution to the project?  
There seems to be a fair bit of plug in technology in gimp to provide  
support. I would want to modify:
= Menu layout
= Keyboard short cuts ( including backspace, tab and space which are  
standard PS shortcuts )

And also possibly (less important)
= GTK behaviours of the panels (photoshop has several tools on the  
same button)
= Fullscreen behaviour (panels remain visible, windowed / grey  
ground / black ground - toggling)

My main question is: How to do this in a way that will work in  
harmony with the current customisation options, so people can switch  
to standard gimp UI if they wish.

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