On Wed, 2007-08-01 at 16:11 +1200, Robert Carter wrote:

> I don't seek to change the gimp's default key bindings and menu but  
> to offer an alternative that may be activated if wanted. Do you think  
> this can be realistically integrated with the gimp's present  
> architecture?

There is already a menurc that installs Photoshop keybindings in GIMP.
Just copy ps-menurc to your personal GIMP folder and rename it to

Changing the menus as an alternatives is considered a bad idea. It would
destroy the work of translators and, more importantly, documentation
writers. You wouldn't be able to use the user manual any longer and you
wouldn't be able to follow the GIMP tutorials. If there were two
alternative menu layouts and different terms, that would confuse our
users more than anything else.

We are open for changes to the menu layout and to the terms being used.
If there are good reasons for a change, then we will do it. Making it
more like Photoshop is in general not a valid reason though as GIMP
doesn't aim to be like Photoshop.


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