On 8/1/07, Anke Lange <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello
> like everybody else, I am very exiting about the release of the Gimp 2.4.
> Though I was wondering, if GAP will be running on the new Gimp.
> I tried to install it to the 2.3.19, but as you proberbly would have
> known, it doesn't work and you just get lots of errors.
> Thanks for any information.
> Regards Anke Lange

* Works for me - I'm using the latest GIMP and GIMP-GAP from SVN.
* GIMP-GAP is relatively loosely binded to GIMP - it does not depend
on the internal structure of things very much. When GIMP architecture
starts changing significantly to use GEGL, much of GIMP-GAP might
still work unmodified; but such changes to GIMP shall occur after the
2.4 release, not before, if I understand correctly.
* You have omitted some details (What OS? What version of GIMP-GAP?).
It's possible that you simply have a out of date version of GIMP-GAP
or the packages it depends on.
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