On Sunday 05 August 2007 06:45, 
> > Hi,
> >
> > On Sat, 2007-08-04 at 01:58 -0300, Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris 
> >> I am getting an error linking gimp-gap svn in a 64bit
> >> enviromment, in both trunk and gap-2-2 branch:
> >
> > That's a problem with the copy of libavcodec that is included
> > with GAP. You better disable support for libavcodec when
> > configuring gap. For GAP 2.4 we should include a recent version
> > of libavcodec.
> >
> > Sven
> To expand on Sven's answer a little, the FFMPEG project does not
> provide a stable API; therefore the GAP includes the source for a
> specific snapshot of the code and staticly links to it. The
> snapshot in the GAP's tree is from 2005 ; it needs to be updated
> and the GAP code modified to employ the new FFMPEG API (also for
> 64-bit support and GCC4 compatibility as well).
> Wolgang Hofer, the main developer of the GAP, is working on that
> update but he does not have direct access to the Internet right
> now. It may be a few months before updated FFMPEG support is
> available but it is being worked on. In the interim, I would
> suggest disabling libavcodec support and using an external utility
> to convert your frames to video.

Hehh..that is a bit too much, ain't it?
It actually _did_ build when  I tweaked the Makefiles in the library 
dirs (and only there) to include the  "-fPIC" GCC directive.
64 bit, GCC 4.1.1

It is not like "this will only work in 2010 or 2012".


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