there are still some bugs left on the 2.4 milestone and I would like to
comment on them, perhaps raising some interest here:

78265 Add support for ICC color profiles

  I am currently finishing the remaining bits. Since last night the
  color-managed display actually does the right thing. There are
  still some things left to be done in the lcms plug-in though.

156905 GimpAspectPreview doesn't respect the layer offset and ca...

  I believe that this one can be fixed using the existing API. We
  should definitely try to fix it in 2.4 but it doesn't need to
  block the release.

349340 Alt behaves incorrectly for new rectangle/ellipse selecti...

  Should probably be looked at. We should get the interaction right
  for the 2.4 release and not change it later unless absolutely needed.

355545 fixing the aspect ratio for crop tool 

  As fas as I know Martin is working on this and expects to have it 
  ready soon.

356716 GimpZoomPreview is broken in some plug-ins

  There are two more plug-ins that need to be fixed. Probably some low
  hanging fruits...

360106 GimpPdbDialog appears behind plug-in dialogs

  I still don't know how to best address this one. Perhaps set the
  stay-on-top flag on the PDB dialogs. That would be ugly though.

374854 possible optimizations in Script-Fu 

  This one can possibly be closed or moved from the milestone. Waiting
  for a comment from Kevin.

387604 print plug-in needs more work 

  We have come a good deal further here and I think that the remaining
  issue is actually a GTK+ bug.

417166 Default ratio for crop tool is 1:1 instead of <current la... 

  This is part of the rectangle tool rewrite that Marting will hopefully
  bring to a releasable state soon.

434205 don't display color conversion dialog if compiled w/o lcm...

  I'll fix this while completing the color management functionality.

438997 Output on stdout when using script-fu console

  Looks like a low-hanging fruit. Some help from Kevin would be

459518 Channel preview becomes black when the channel is deselected

  No idea how we can fix this one without reverting a lot of changes
  that I really would not want to revert. Perhaps we can keep it for
  2.4 as a small regression and try to fix it later.

If we can get at least the color management and the rectangle tools
finished before the weekend, then we might even manage to roll out a
release candidate from Camp (

If we don't manage to make the release candidate this weekend, then 2.4
will probably have to wait a little longer. I will be completely
off-line for three weeks starting from the 18th of August. This will be
my honeymoon and you guys would make me the best of all wedding presents
if we could get 2.4rc1 out before I leave. And perhaps 2.4.0 released
before I return...


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