a month ago I posted about 2.4 showstoppers. Let's have a look at that
list again and try to see what still needs to be done.

> Finish rectangle tools

Peter started to discuss this with Karine, Bill, Mitch and me. But Bill
told us that he won't have time to do any changes. So we are still
pretty much stuck here. But I think there are some major regressions in
the Crop tool and the tool options simply don't work (and look) good
enough. So something will have to happen here. 

> Finish color management

I didn't get much done with respect to color management, but I plan to
pick this up again very soon now.

> Finish healing brush

Nothing has happened here. Not even anyone expressing his/her interest
in looking at the issues that I outlined. Do we need to back out the
healing brush for 2.4?

There has been some progress on scalable brushes. What remains to be
done is mainly the change of pixmap brushes to parametric ones (bug
#322176). Adrian said that he will work on this. It would also be nice
to have a look at the scaling algorithm. It should be replaced by one
that also handles upscaling.

Looking at the list of bugs on milestone 2.4, it seems that most of
these are either handled above or can be fixed quite easily (someone
just needs to do the work). Others will have to be postponed. We will
take a closer look at the list as soon as the major showstoppers are

We absolutely need to get 2.4 done. Gegl is becoming better and better
each day. Soon it will become tempting to start integrating it into the
gimp core. And I don't want to see us still struggling with 2.4 then.


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