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Ahh, I did not see what your previous comment meant. Caught out by this
damn ML reply-to setting again.

I'm subscribed to several lists which operate in a more logical way: I
get a msg from the list , I hit "reply" in my email client and it
replies to the list.

Since the msg came from the ml not from your address the reply-to header
is counter intuitive.

It actually isn't. You may want to read this:

Kind regards,


It isn't what? Counter intuitive, it is. I get an email for the list not from the individual, when I hit reply it replies to the individual I need to reply to the sender, ie the list.

There may be arguements for and an against but pls let's not start swamping gimp-devel with that.

I was simply offering my appologies for the confusion and explaining why.

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