On Wednesday 15 November 2006 11:38, Sven Neumann wrote:


> > With the exception of printer CM support there is not that much work that
> > needs to be done to GIMP to finish off the CM implementation.
> Printing is left to plug-ins, so we don't need to deal with it except
> for providing ways for the plug-in to access the color management
> settings and the color profile that is attached to the image. Both is
> implemented already.

I think that the minimal solution is to make sure that users can convert 
images between color profiles.  If you are using something like my proposal 
then this feature will be available.  So you could even get by without 
providing plugin access to the GIMP CM settings and still have a usable CM 
system for the short term.  This amount of CM support is a little on the 
basic side but the printing work flow would look like this:

1. Prepare image in the images native color space (ie. either the device color 
space or the users normal working color space) with whatever things you do 
such sharpening and whatever.

2. Use the color space conversion utilities to convert the image from the 
images native color space to the printer color space.

3. Send the image to the printer.

4. Undo the color space conversion.

The above can be used with printer drivers and plugins that know nothing about 
CM.  But it does result in more work for the user than a more integrated 
approach.  Providing ways for print plugins to access the various CM settings 
and image profiles will be needed in the long run so that CM features can be 
implemented in any print plugins in a way that is transparent to users and 
fully integrated with GIMP.  Therefore I agree with your direction.  I should 
add that the above printing work flow is not that much different from what 
happens in photoshop except some of the steps are hidden from the user by 

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